Explore the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador

Immerse in Cuyabeno Wildife Reserve in the Heart of the Amazon Jungle - Day One

After arriving at our meeting point in Lago Agrio, where we await you with a welcome breakfast to begin our trip to the Amazon rainforest. After this, the transport will pick you up, the same will happen with the people that arrive directly to the Airport of Lago Agrio to direct us towards the entrance to the Cuyabeno Reserve (Cuyabeno Bridge River)for an about 2 hours.


Lunch will be served and immediately we will start our exploration into the amazon jungle of ecuador by boat. In the canoe ride be ready to hear the sounds of the wildlife, while you watch the scenery changing along the Cuyabeno River waters and between trees. In this boat trip you will be able to watch the birds, monkeys and other jungle creatures, accompanied by a guide who will provide information on how the animals and plant interact and balance the life within the Cuyabeno Ecosystem in which they coexist. Finally arrive to the Ecolodge, we will settle in each of the cabins. After dinner our native guide gives us a briefing introduction of the activities for the next days in Cuyabeno National Park.

Explore the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle at Cuyabeno - Day Two

On the morning before breakfast, you can hear the noise of birds flying around our bungalows in the ecolodge. After breakfast, we continue upriver to start a trekking on the banks of the Cuyabeno River, where you can see different species of plants, huge trees, aquatic vines, orchids, medicinal herbs and a large number of wild animals and birds of the Amazon jungle. After serving lunch, you will have time to swim and relax in Laguna Grande while watching the pink and grey dolphins play on the water. Once you have enjoyed one of the best sunsets of your life, we will return to the lodge for dinner. After dinner, you will embark on an exciting canoe ride where you will see the famous black caimans of the Amazon. During this journey you will hear the mysterious noises of the forest. This is an experience you will never forget.

Discover the legends of the Siona Community - Day Three

Early in the morning we will enjoy breakfast to travel by canoe to the Siona Indigenous Community, where we can interact and learn about their traditions, culture and customs. In the same we will learn to elaborate the Casabe a typical dish of this ancestral tribe. Lunch will serve in the Community and finally meet the Shaman, it will make us perceive and interact with their spiritual world, channeling their energies, visionary, healing and divinatory skills acquired over the years. As well as you will also have time to acquire the beautiful handicrafts made by the locals.

From Cuyabeno back to Civilization - Day Four

Early in the morning we will do birdwatching down the river, as well enjoy a completely fascinating sunrise. after that activity we will serve breakfast and embark on a canoe ride on the Cuyabeno River back to civilization. The Transportation will pick us up from the entrance of the Cuyabeno National Park towards Lago Agrio (meeting point) for later Continue with our usual trip in Ecuador.
End of our services.

Remember that all excursions and times on this sample itinerary are subject to change and largely depend on weather, season, group limitations, group interests, and guide decisions based on passenger safety and organized operations.